What's New

For details about the new features in each version, see the Changes file.

2008.05.16 - The forum has been closed due to the massive amount of spam.

2006.10.17 - Installation package is updated to include OpenVPN 2.0.9.

2006.04.12 - Installation package is updated to include OpenVPN 2.0.7.

2006.04.06 - Installation package is updated to include OpenVPN 2.0.6. This release also includes a 64-bit version of the TAP driver that is installed automatically when running the installation package on such a system.

2005.12.03 - New development installation package including OpenVPN 2.1_beta7.

2005.11.04 - Installation package is updated to include OpenVPN 2.0.5.

2005.08.25 - Installation package is updated to include OpenVPN 2.0.2.

2005.08.19 - OpenVPN 2.0.1 included a version of the windows service wrapper that installed itself so it was automatically started at boot-up. This is not the behaviour most users want, and was not how 2.0 behaved. A new installation package is now available that includes the service wrapper from OpenVPN 2.0.

2005.08.18 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0.3 is released. Fixes a silly bug in 1.0.2 that made expanding of variables in registry values working incorrectly.

2005.08.18 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0.2 is released. This version contains two small bugfixes. The installation package now includes OpenVPN 2.0.1.

2005.04.21 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0 is finally released. There is no changes in this version from rc5. The installation package now also includes the stable 2.0 version of OpenVPN.

2005.03.29 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-rc5 released. This version only got one little bugfix. Privious the connect scripts were not executed if you started or stopped the OpenVPN Service.

2005.03.16 - Latest stable release updated with OpenVPN 2.0-rc17.

2005.03.08 - Put up localized versions of OpenVPN GUI for download. First out are a Swedish and Spanish translation. Thanks to Ruben Cardenal for providing the Spanish translation and a big thanks to Stefan Huehner who did the initial work on breaking out all strings from the source code into a resource file. Other translations are welcome.

2005.02.20 - Latest development release updated with OpenVPN 2.0-rc16.

2005.02.17 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-rc4 is released. Only a few minor bugfixes. This version includes OpenVPN 2.0-rc14.

2005.02.14 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-rc3 released. New features in this version: Execute script before connecting and before disconnecting, reg-value to disable balloon notifications, show assigned IP and connected since time in the tray icon tip msg.

2005.02.13 - Stable release now includes OpenVPN 2.0-rc10, and the development release OpenVPN 2.0-rc13.

2005.02.09 - OpenVPN GUI got its own domain -- openvpn.se.

2005.01.30 - Latest developement release updated with OpenVPN 2.0-rc10.

2005.01.23 - Latest developement release updated with OpenVPN 2.0-rc9.

2005.01.12 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-rc2 released. This release has an important bugfix if you use passwords with non-standard chars in it. It also fixes a bug that made it impossible to use the GUI for a non-admin user to control the OpenVPN Service. There is also some new features. See the changes file for details.

2005.01.06 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-rc1 released.

2005.01.06 - Stable installation package updated to include OpenVPN 2.0-rc6.

2004.12.07 - New installation package released including OpenVPN 2.0-rc1, OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta26 and My Certificate Wizard 0.3.2b.

2004.12.04 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta26 released. Shows "Connecting to: xxx" msg in tray icon msg tip.

2004.12.01 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta25 released. Only bugfixes and minor changes.

2004.11.15 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta24 released. This version fixes a bug that occured when using OpenVPN 1.5/1.6 and enters a false private key passphrase.

2004.11.11 - OpenVPN has been assigned an official port from IANA - Port 1194!

This means that the default port has been changed in the latest OpenVPN beta (beta17) from 5000 to 1194. Don't forget to explicitly specify what port to use before upgrading to this version if you are not upgradeing both your server and ALL clients at the same time!

2004.11.08 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta23 released. This version makes it possible to use passphrase protected keys stored in MS certificate store. Previous versions of OpenVPN GUI did not work due to the way the openvpn console window was hidden.

2004.11.07 - Installations packages have been updated with new OpenVPN versions. "Stable" now includes OpenVPN 2.0-beta15 and "development" includes OpenVPN 2.0-beta16.

2004.11.05 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta22 released. This is a bugfix release. Beta21 introduced a bug causing incompatibility with OpenVPN versions below 2.0-beta12 when using passphrase protected keys.

2004.10.30 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta21 released. This version got support for the new username/password authentication mode introduced with OpenVPN 2.0-beta12. The installation package has also been reworked so:

My Certificate Wizard is included, but not installed as default.

The TAP driver can optionally be installed as "Hidden", which means that the device will not be visible under Nework Connections, and no status icon will be shown in the system tray.

2004.10.27 - Created a web mirror for "My Certificate Wizard", a tool by Vlada Macek for the end user to create his own certificate request. This tool will also be included in the installation package of the next OpenVPN GUI release.

2004.09.22 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta19 released. The menu is restructured. The config dir is re-scanned for new configs every time the menu is opened. A batch file can be executed after a connection has been established.

2004.09.13 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta18 released. Fixes a bug that caused the GUI not to start under certain circumstances. This version also has new Icons! Thanks to Radek Hladik for supplying these.

2004.09.02 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta17 released. Now with a Proxy Settings dialog and a number of bugfixes and a few other minor changes.

2004.08.25 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta16 released. When changing password, beta15 did not look for the private key in the config directory if no path was specified in the config file. Fixed in this version.

2004.08.25 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta15 released. When changing password, this version requires the new password to be at least 8 chars long. OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta14 is no longer available for download.

2004.08.24 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta14 released. Now with change password feature. Both PEM and PKCS #12 files are supported.

2004.08.21 - New webdesign!

2004.08-19 - OpenVPN GUI 1.0-beta13 released. Now bundled with OpenVPN 2.0-beta11.